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Commissioning an original painting can be an excellent way to commemorate an event, reward a friend, or obtain a unique and valuable decorative addition to home or office. With the price of "limited" edition prints ranging to $100 and more, the additional cost of owning a true original is quite reasonable.

Commissioning an original painting is not difficult. The client may be required to provide photos of the aircraft and/or desired backgrounds. In many cases, the artist can supply much of the required material. Several small sketches, some in color, may be produced in an effort to arrive at an agreement on the look of the final work. Depending upon how quickly agreement between the artist and client is reached concerning treatment of the subject, and availability of reference material, expect the entire process to take from three to six weeks. Once agreement is reached, a deposit of 1/3 of the purchase price will be required and the work on the final painting will begin. A page will be set up on this website so that you can monitor the work as it progresses. The final payment is due prior to delivery and is refundable if the work is returned undamaged within 30 days. Every effort will be made to insure your satisfaction including re-work of the original at no additional cost. Copyrights to the final work are retained by the artist. All work is done in acrylic paint on hardboard panels (masonite). The price will depend on the size of the finished piece. Any size or shape may be selected depending on the desires of the person commissioning the work and the chosen view. Some typical prices are listed below.

8 x 10
16 x 20
18 x 24
24 x 36
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SuperPiet Ultralight HP-18 Beaver Lift Off Skymaster
Twin Commander P-47s lantairn Harmon Rocket
Bonanza Comanche Stearman DC-10
Gulfstream Gulfstream Falcon